Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Use silk ribbon embroidery for more than jewelry this Christmas, use it to decorate your package wrapping, jewelry boxes, scarves, and for display boxes. 



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One of the most beautiful vintage inspired projects is silk ribbon embroidery.  It's a rewarding craft that yields beautiful results.  

The project above was made from a purchased kit that included everything I needed to finish the project.  I use it to decorate a small jewelry box.  I purchase the kit to see if I was going to enjoy this type of embroidery and I loved it! Other embroidery projects I've made decorate photo books, small gift baskets with ribbon and bookmarks.  

Go to any craft store for the accessories you need to create pins, magnetics, hair clips, pendants and more for your jewelry painting art. To easily learn how to make the stitches, go to my Silk Ribbon Embroidery Video Page.  

For ribbon embroidery jewelry ideas, look through photographs, magazines, Internet photos, etc.  To search the web, use the search box below.  It's easy, just enter the word or name you wish to find and the results will appear on your screen right on my website.  Use words that describe the kind of scene, animal or design you're looking for.  

Have fun with this beautiful craft that may look difficult, but it's quite easy once you have all your supplies ready to go.  Here's what you will need to begin.  

Items Needed:  

  • Silk Ribbon in various colors and Widths
  • Large embroidery needle 
  • Seed beads in desired colors
  • Needed accessories 
  • Small patches of gross-grain fabric 
  • Small piece of matching lace
  • 6" of 1/16" wide trim to fit around border
  • Batting or stuffing
  • Quick glue
  • Needed accessories for pin, pendant, picture

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Jewelry and Art Tips:

  • I wet the ribbon slightly when making roses such as the red rose below.  It makes it easier to work with.  It dries quickly and keeps it's body.  
  • Watch the videos I've chosen below to learn how to hold the needle and work with the ribbon when using for embroidery.
  • Create your own designs easily by lightly drawing your design on the fabric you'll be using with a pencil.  Embroider on the fabric only, not the batting.  You will use that when finishing the piece.

Framing Your Embroidery Jewelry Piece:


  • You will need a finding (used to frame your work) such as the one at left that is hollow in the center.  You will need this to border your project.  These can be found at any craft or jewelry making store. 
  • When you have finished your embroidery, center the frame over your piece and carefully cut any excess edges.
  • Next, cut a piece of batting to fit the cut piece and place onto the backside of embroidery. 
  • Finishing:

    • Cut the lace in the same way and glue the edges with the quick glue over the backside of the frame edge to hold in the batting and for a clean finish.
    • Glue the trim around the joined edges in a way for it to show from the front as shown in the hear pin above.  Wire edged ribbon can also be used.
    • Let dry and glue on accessory. 

    For video Instructions that will help you easily make the basic stitches visit the Silk Ribbon Embroidery Video page.

    Silk Flower and Leaf Glued To A Pendant

    Red Silk Ribbon Embroidery

    I also use silk ribbon to make roses by pulling a thread on one and until the total length is gathered.  I then sew the gathers together to create a point at one end, the rose on the other as shown in the photo at left.  

    I added a little touch of green ribbon for the leaves.  


    Easily create piece like the one above by combining collage art jewelry with silk ribbon embroidery or roses for a unique look such as the Christmas pendant. 


    Embroidery-pendant and Earrings

    Make a matching pair of earrings by making two roses from the ribbon and gluding them to a base.  Use pearl drops or leave as is. The roses were made the same as for the red Christmas pendant above.  Use the videos below for making flowers and leaves for your silk ribbon embroidery jewelry.

    Go To >> Silk Ribbon Video Instructions

    Vintage look collage art jewelry can be easily made from old jewelry and scraps from your sewing basket.

    Collage Art Jewelry

    Collage Art Jewelry

    Recycle your old jewelry to make beautiful art pieces for decorating packages, pictures, boxes, wall art, cards, and more. It even make great jewelry pieces.  

    With many possible uses, you may want to make a few pieces for Christmas or other occasions. Get my free instructions.

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