Salt Dough Flowers

Make easy salt dough flowers to enhance your craft projects.


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Salt Dough Roses Wreath

Use My Salt Dough or Bread Clay Recipes   To Make This Project

Although my projects are copywrited, you may use those found on my site, but for personal use only.  The instructions cannot be reproduced in any form and cannot be placed on a website or any means without my written permission.                                 
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Enjoy this free craft project selection from one of my Dough Art by You! ebooks.  As you can see from the photo above, miniature salt dough flowers make the brown dough frame come alive. This is one of my favorite projects because I made this tree ornament for my first grandson's second Christmas years ago.  

Practice sculpting these miniature flowers that are not only easy, but they can be made quickly to enhance projects and to create jewelry pieces. 

Add leaves and stems or leave as is.  I have sold many projects decorated with these beautiful flowers that give life to any project!

If you prefer, you can use Fimo clay, Cernit or Sculpey to make your flowers.  However they will have to be baked.  They will appear the same as the salt dough flowers, except that the oven-baked flowers will appear smoother.  
Bread dough clay can also be used for a realistic look.  I use them to make lapel roses with a stem or without.  They were so beautiful that I could never keep any on hand.  These were my best sellers in the jewelry category. bread dough Welcome Wreath

For ideas to create your own salt dough flowers, look through photographs, magazines, Internet
photos, etc.  However, the best models are the real thing, a flower from your garden!

pink rose Instructions For Salt Dough Flowers

Materials Needed For Salt Dough Flowers: 

  • Salt dough Recipe 
  • Desired colors for rose petals 
  • Medium green, burnt umber for leaves
  • Yellow for stamins 
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Quick drying glue
  • Kemper K50 Rose Cutter Set (optional)
  • Kemper K45 Leaf Cutter Tool (optional)
     Salt Dough Flowers are to be air-dried only. Varnish for a smooth finish.  Use either matte or gloss.

Instructions For Miniature Flowers

Miniature Roses: 

  1. Roll a small ball of dough into a thin rope about 1" to 1 1/2" long.  

  2. Flatten the rope as thin as is possible with your index finger and roll into a coil.  Make sure that the top area is fuller than the bottom area by stretching the top edge of coil while rolling.  You can also pinch the top edge for more fullness.

  3. Use the leaf pattern to shape your leaves from a flattened ball of dough.  Use your thumb and index finger to create the point at the top of your leaf.  Make as many as you need.

Salt Dough Roses

Porcelain Looking Roses:

  1. Flatten your dough to about 1/16 of an inch.  

  2. I use various sized Circle Pattern Cutters to cut out circle shapes for the petals.  You can also shape petals from flattened balls of dough.  

    a.  Make sure to increase each petal size as you work, wrapping one over another as shown.  

    b.  For a perfectly shaped flower, begin with the center petal and wrap around itself.  Wrap all other petals around the center petal and then around each other.   

    Pinch the top center of each petal to resemble a porcelain flower, or leave rounded.    

    d.  Flatten the backside if necessary by cutting off any uneven dough with your utility knife.  

    e.  Make leaves the same as for the Miniature Roses. Let completed rose air-dry.  Finish with a matte varnish. 

Salt Dough Flowers

Miniature Flowers:
  1.  Flatten a tiny ball of dough and use a sharp knife to cut 5 separation lines aorund the circle edge.

  2. Gently poke a slight circular indention into the center of the flower and fuse a tiny yellow ball into it.  Gently flatten yellow ball.  

  3. Shape the leaves by pinching one end of a small ball ofo dough.  Flatten the leaf and then use a straight pin to make the vein impressions.  Don't press too deep into the dough.
Salt Dough Flowers

Flowers With Stems:

  1. Roll a thin rope of green dough.  Bend or shape any way that fits with your design.  

  2. Fuse roses and leaves to the stem.  Smooth all areas where joined.

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 Silk Ribbon Embroidery Jewelry

Silk Ribbon Jewelry

Purple Ribbon Embroidery Earrings

Check out my Silk Ribbon projects.  They may give you ideas for making salt dough flowers for jewelry enhancements or to make jewelry.   

With many possible uses, you may want to make a few pieces for Christmas or other occasions. Get my free instructions.

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