Salt Dough Santa

The Salt Dough Santa project can be made as an ornament or used to decorate other projects such as the Candy Cane Wreath below.


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Salt Dough Santa

Notice By Margaret Lukasik

Although my projects are copywrited, you may use the following project and all other free projects found on my site for personal use only.  The instructions cannot be reproduced in any form and cannot be placed on a website without my written permission.                                                                                                      
-Margaret Lukasik  


Let's Get Started!

Before you make the Salt Dough Santa project, you may need to see the dough art instructions, recipe and general tools and supplies.  See those links above.  Go here for our safety instructions.


This project can also be made to decorate your gift packaging.  It's fun and a little different than the normal wrappings.


Your project should reflect your vision of the pattern shown.  It does not have to be a cookie cutter copy.

Use this easy Salt Dough Santa Project to let your creative talents come alive. There are really no new projects or ideas, but there is always a new way of expressing them. Everyone has talent, so let yours flow.

If you're ready, please enjoy!


Salt Dough Santa Ornament or Wall Hanging

Materials Needed:

  1. Salt Dough  
  2. Acrylic colors red, blue, flesh, black and white
  3. Thin line brush
  4. General tools and supplies, needed accessories
  5. Garlic press
  6. Two black beads for eyes (optional)  


1.   Shape a smooth ball from flesh colored dough for the head and face.

2.   Shape a tiny ball of flesh dough for the nose and fuse to the center of the face.  Flatten slightly.

3.   Use two strands of white dough squeezed through your garlic press to form one side of his mustache.  Fuse both strands together evenly and fuse the top end of each to the bottom center of his nose and curl up onto his cheek as shown in the illustration. Finish the other side of his mustache in the same way.

4.   Roll a tiny red rope of dough (or pink) for the mouth and fuse just under his mustache.  

5.   Make two small, thin oval patches of light blue dough for the eyes. Fuse in place.  If using beads, insert them now with a straight pin into the bottom center of the patches or paint in the eyes with black paint when your project has hardened.

6.   Use two short strands of dough for the eyebrows and fuse in place.

7.   Make the beard from long strands of white dough squeezed from the garlic press.  Make the strands progressively shorter as you go up along the sides of his face using 2 or 3 layers.
8.   Using the same white dough, make the hair the same as for the beard, and fuse to the top sides of his face to blend with the beard.  It is not necessary to fuse hair to the top of the head because it will be covered with the cap.

9.   Roll a white rope of dough for the furry brim of his hat and fuse to the top of his head.

10. Roll a rope of red dough to form the cap.  Place one end of the rope onto the left side of the fur brim and bend the other end, letting it fall over the hair.  See illustration.

11. Shape the right end of his cap into a slight point.  Smooth the top part to shape properly.

12.  Roll a tiny white ball and fuse to the point of the cap.  A tiny cotton ball can also be glued to this area instead once the project has been completed.  This was done for the Santa in the photo above.

13.  Insert an ornament or cup hanger now or add a pin back when project is finished.  This project can also be made into earrings if made smaller.  Let air-dry or bake at 325 degrees for about 25 minutes. 

Paint the eyes if necessary and let dry.  Varnish total project for best results.       

The Salt Dough Santa can be used with the Santa Wreath Project as seen in the photo above. You will also need the Wreath Patterns and Illustrations for ideas.

Salt Dough Santa Patterns and Illustrations  

Margaret Lukasik

Use the pattern to help you shape each piece with the correct proportions and to attain the size at right.

You can adjust the size easily by making the shapes larger or smaller than the patterns shown.

Make the eyes any color you wish and feel free to experiment with the features. You can also make wire glasses with thin ropes of dough colored silver or grey.


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