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My Fimo Clay Instructions will help you achieve great results with this popular sculpting medium. - Margaret Lukasik    


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Try This Fun and Easy To Use   Oven-Bake Clay Medium 

I've used Fimo and Cernit clays for years. However I prefer Fimo because it is firmer. Also, Cernit clay is more translucent, which doesn't work for the look I wish to achieve. It may work for you, so don't let me discourage you on it's use. 

Some Fimo experts advise using an expensive pasta maker to knead the dough in order to achieve it's best texture.  I never did this because I kneaded the dough by hand and used a series of techniques to insure that all pieces remained joined together.  However, do whatever works best for you.  I have priced craft pasta makers as low as $24.00.  Go here for a variety of craft pasta makers.

Fimo's Versatility Is Limitless  

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Fimo Offers 3-Dimension

For 3-dimensional projects Fimo is my clay medium of choice!

Quickly you can create adorable collectibles like the one at right for place settings, gifts, package decorations and more with just a few steps.  In a short time you will have a 3-dimensional project for any season.

Fimo Clay Instructions

Fimo Clay can be purchased at most craft or miniature stores.   It comes in a variety of colors for about $2.25 for a 2" x 2" block.  Larger brick sized blocks can also be purchased. 

1.  The dough must be kneaded before use.  Depending upon room temperature, it could be hard when getting started, but in a short time is will be soft and smooth.  Just break off small pieces for kneading if too hard.  Once it has been kneaded, it will remain soft for use until it is left unused for a time.

2.  For joining parts, do not use water but press pieces together Firmly.  Thin wire can also be used to hold together joined areas such as heads and ears.

3.  If the clay is a little hard and difficult to roll into a smooth ball, add a few drops of mineral oil to soften.  It should make the clay easier to handle.

4.  Us the baking instructions on the package to bake your projects.  The clay will not air-day.  If you bake a project which is very flat, bake at about 250 degrees for only 5 minutes or so because your project may get bumpy.

5.  Should you wish to varnish your Fimo Clay projects, use only Fimo Spezial Lack Varnish (a shiny glaze) or a similar product compatible with the clay.  You can also use Fimo Seidenmatt-Lack (a matte finish).  Do not use any other type or brand of varnish or your project will remain sticky.

If you have any questions or comments about Fimo clay instructions or about dough art, please contact me.

You can use Fimo clay to make all the projects from my instruction ebooks except for the texture dough series.  Sculpy Clay works great with my texture projects. 


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