Dough Art Recipe

My dough art recipe is easy to make and use.  When hardened, using my special technique, your projects will have a smooth and beautiful finish.  Get ready to have fun!  


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Dough Art Texturing Technique

Basic Salt Dough Recipe

You can find many variations of the salt dough recipe anywhere, but this is the mix I have used successfully for years to make the majority of my projects.  It's easy to make and it only takes about ten minutes or so.

Adding color to the dough is preferred over painting a finished project over the total surface.  Baked dough looks best when painted for highlighting only.  This will help to achieve a smooth surface.

Coloring is easily accomplished by added bits of color from food coloring or acrylic paint as you knead the dough for a smooth texture.  Continue adding color until you have achieved your desired shade.  
However, I have special instructions in my ebooks  to achieve great results when painting the total project.

Just remember that when your project has baked or has air-dried it will be slightly lighter in color than when the dough was soft.   

My Basic Salt Dough Recipe

You will need:
2     Cups of flour (any flour but self-rising)
3/4  Cups boiling (or warm) water
1/2  Cup salt (preferably plain for smoother dough)
Large mixing bowl
Regular sized fork for stirring

DOUGH ART RECIPE MIXING INSTRUCTIONS:  Place the salt in a bowl and then pour the boiling water into the salt.  Mix well and then cool.  Pour the total amount of flour into the water and salt mixture and mix well by stirring with a fork.  Be sure to use a large mixing bowl for best results.  Once the dough has been kneaded and refrigerated, it is ready for sculpting.  The dough can be colored when kneaded or it can be painted after hardening.  It can be stored  in zip-lock bags or plastic air-tight containers for up to two weeks.  However, it's best used within a week as it can get watery if left too long in the fridge.

For a smooth surface use the technique found in my instruction books included on my dough art recipe page.  For a regular surface which is characteristic of salt dough, bake small to medium projects at 325 degrees for 25 to 45 minutes.  Check your projects while baking.  For large projects, 4 to 5 inches or more, bake at 325 to 350 degrees for about 40 minutes to an hour, checking your projects while baking. 

General Dough Art Recipe Supplies

Look Through Your Kitchen and House For What You Need

Have on hand the following as you will need to have all supplies handy.
  • Tacky white glue (Elmer's or Aleene's) and quick drying gluein baking pan (such as a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan), tin foil and wax paper.
  • Rolling pin or dough art roller and set of even, smooth wood strips
  • Varnish and fine grained sanding paper.
  • Food coloring or acrylic paints.  Colors black, blue, green, red, burnt sienna or flesh and white.
  • Straight pin, pencil, toothpick, and paper clips
  • Medium round, square, and oval cutters (optional)
  • Short pointed scissors for cutting thinly rolled dough (optional)
  • Large zip lock bags and baggies to store dough to keep it moist.
  • Large mixing bowl, tablespoon, salt and flour for dough.
  • Scraps of lace, ribbon, glitter, etc. to decorate projects (optional).
  • 1 1/2" long thin wire (ex. tie wraps) to reinforce heads over neck areas. 

You may also need the following:

1.  Medium sized artist's flat sable brush.
2.  spray or paint varnish.

Click here for general dough art instructions.  

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