Clay Dough Jewelry

Clay dough jewelry is easy, fun and inexpensive.  Make unique pieces that are little works of art.


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bread dough pendant

pink roseUse My Clay Bread Dough Recipe To Make This Adorable Necklace

Where can you find that special gift that no one else has?  Right from your kitchen!  If you have white bread, Elmer's glue, food coloring and small cookie cutters, then you're ready to get started.

Once you're done, you can choose to make a pin, pendant and even matching earrings.  While the clay is still soft you can insert any accessories such as rings for attaching chains as shown in the photo above.  

Once the clay is hard, you can glue on pin backs, earring posts, attach a string of beads or a chain to the rings. Paint any part of the project to add your special touches.  If you prefer, you can use Fimo clay, Cernit or Sculpey instead.

Go to any craft store for the accessories you need to create pins, magnetics, hair clips, pendants and more.

For creation ideas, look through photographs, magazines, Internet photos, etc.  To search the web, use the search box below.  It's easy, just enter the word or name you wish to find and the results will appear on your screen right on my website.  Use words that describe the kind of scene, animal or design you're looking for.

Materials Needed: 

  • 1 bread clay dough jewelry Recipe
  • Needed accessories (chains, Jump rings with a stem, beads, etc.)
  • Quick glue
  • Background cutter (desired size)
  • Cutter for centerpiece
  • Food coloring or acrylic paint in desired colors
  • Thin line sable paint brush


  1. Prepare your dough and color a piece of dough for the background or base, the cut-out for the design and any accessories like the rose.  Put each in a baggie until you will need to use them.  

    You can also use silk roses such as the ones show at right or purchased roses from a craft or fabric store.  The one shown is made from the bread clay dough.

  2. Cut out each piece separately on wax paper with your cutters and then set aside.  If you don't have cutters, you can buy them inexpensively in packages or separately at discount stores. 

  3. You can join your pieces together in two ways.  I use my flat sable brush to moisten each top layer with a slight bit of water and fuse in place.  Another way is to join the pieces with glue after each is hard.   

  4. Whichever way you choose to join your clay dough jewelry pieces, you must air-dry only as per the clay instructions.

    Note:  Before your project pieces dry, insert any rings, or accessories needed for assemply of jewelry pieces.  

  5. When hard, assemble pieces if necessary.  Paint where needed and varnish with a gloss or matte varnish when paint is dry.  

  6. Glue on pinbacks or ear posts.  Attach chain or a string of beads of pearls.      

Make Clay Dough Jewelry Insets:

Framing Your Clay Dough Projects:


  • Use cutters the size of your jewelry finding (see left).  You will use it to fit into the finding when hard.  Use for painting or to decorate with clay. 

  • Let air-dry before inserting into the finding. 
  • Findings can be found at at any craft or jewelry making store. 

Use Small Cutters, Straight Pins and Paint To Decorate Your Clay Dough Jewelry

bread dough jewelry

This clay dough pin was easily made with a heart cutter. 

Tiny heart and leaf cutters were used to make the leaves and hearts with straight pin holes pressed into the dough.  

Paint was used to connect the hearts, leaves and dots.  




 Create Collage Art Jewelry Pieces

Collage Art Jewelry

Collage Art Jewelry

Recycle your old jewelry to make beautiful art pieces for decorating packages, pictures, boxes, wall art, cards, and more. It even make great jewelry pieces.  

With many possible uses, you may want to make a few pieces for Christmas or other occasions. Get my free instructions.

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