Fimo Clay Projects For Year Round

Make Fimo Clay Projects with a unique and personal touch.  Or if you prefer, use the medium of your choice.


Whimsical Dough



"Let Me Show You How To Easily Make Fimo Clay Projects or You Can Use Bread Dough Clay or Salt Dough if you prefer.  It's Your Choice!"

Make Gifts, Decorations and Christmas Ornaments

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"Whether You're a Beginner or Experienced, you'll find all the projects  included in my Whimsical Dough Art by You! project books easy and, as always, fun and versatile!  And you can make the projects with my Special Bread Clay or Salt Dough Recipes if you don't like working with polymer clays.  I've included those recipes with the General Instructions.

With each project you'll learn to make hundreds of variations to always insure creative and unique projects rather than making "Cookie Cutter Clones" each time you sculpt!  There's no time like the present to get started, so why not begin right now?  You can download the projects in just a few seconds."   -Margaret Lukasik

You'll please and delight your friends and family members with personalized gifts that can't be found anywhere!  And for a limited time when you order, you'll receive a special Bonus Gift!  See below.

     Make specialized gifts for everyone you know; your favorite teacher, new mothers and grandparents, your coworkers and neighbors - and your children can help you!  Decorate your Christmas tree as a family project, creating family fun and memories now before the hectic holiday season begins!


With my Fimo Clay Projects you are going to get easy step-by-step instructions, tips, special techniques, and tons of color photographs.  Many of the photos show each view of the project from the front, back sides, top and bottom if needed.  

You will also find illustrations that teach you how to use the tools you can find from your own kitchen or that you purchase.  When I first began I didn't know what tools to use or how to use them once I learned what I needed, so you have the benefit of my experience. 

See for yourself what you are going to get...

Whimsical Dough Art by You!  

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You Will Receive My Thirty Years Experience For:
  • Special Dough Techniques
  • Special Tips
  • Special Recipes
  • Fimo Techniques
Complete Instructions For
  • General Sculpting
  • Complete Patterns
  • Project Assemply
  • Using Household Tools
  • Using purchased Tools
The Projects Are:
  • Unique and versatile
  • Easy To Make
  • Fun and Creative
  • Inexpensive To Create

When you order, you will receive my Easter Dough Art by You! Easter Egg Displays and Project eBook for Free.  You will get the instant PDF download for these fun Fimo Clay projects with all the other ebooks!  Not only is this craft easy, but you can work right from your computer as many of my customers do.

Fimo Clay Projects eBook Package:

Whimsical Dough Art by You!
Projects are divided into 7 PDF ebooks:
  • Instructions
  • Bodies
  • Heads & Faces
  • Chairs & Quilts
  • Pies and Ornaments
  • Toys & Clothing
  • Easter Dough Art by You!

Now all ebooks come in PDF Format should you have a Mac computer. Whimsical Dough is also in EXE format if you prefer.  


 If you don't already have a hobby,
guarantee you'll fall in love with this special craft that is inexpensive as well as easy -- even if you're a beginner.  And you can achieve beautiful results that can conform to any decorating style.

Whimsical Dough

     As mentioned, the projects come with illustrations, patterns, and photographs to make your crafting experience fun and easy rather than hard and frustrating.  And you can use items from your home or garage as tools to make displays, ornaments and unique Fimo Clay projects.  So you won't need to go out and spend a fortune to begin or continue this rewarding hobby.

     You'll soon be crafting beautiful Fimo clay projects or dough crafts, even if you're beginner.  I always make sure that anyone can create my projects, including children with adult supervision.  My youngest daughter used to craft along side with me when she was a child.  I was so impressed as she sculpted the projects I was making in her own creative style.  They may not have been perfect, but that's the beauty of this craft, the projects don't have to look perfect to look great! 

     Order today at my special pricing of only $9.85 -- save 24%!  Just click on the Secure PayPal ordering button below and you'll receive the download in a few minutes!

Please remember that after you have ordered, you must click on the "Return To Merchant" button to get your download.  

     So, if you want to start a new hobby or you just want to learn a new craft to share with retired groups, students or a Sunday school class, get Whimsical Dough, my fun and easy Fimo Clay or Salt Dough Project eBook!  

When you order you will see my "Victory" Logo on the PayPal Page. 

Easy Ordering Through PayPal:   
Fimo Clay or salt dough Pies and Cakes

If you're ready to order, you can do it now without worry.  Paypal offers safe and easy ordering, and you will obtain your download of Whimsical Dough in just a few minutes. 

Normally $12.95, Now Pay only $9.85  Including my bonus eBook!

Indulge yourself!  Let my Fimo Clay projects and Dough creations make every season fun and free of stress! Now in PDF Format For Windows and Mac computers.  

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